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About ATP Reclamations


ATP Reclamations was started in 2015 by Bruce and Sarah Curtis after Bruce the only breadwinner for the family lost his job.  After being unable to find work they had the idea to collect glass from people in impoverished areas to aid with the high unemployment rate. They had experienced unemployment first hand and decided they had a moral duty to not only keep going and be self-sufficient but also to help others in the same situation.

After a very unsuccessful meeting with one of the largest glass recycling and producing companies in South Africa they were told in passing about other recycling materials that were also readily available in South Africa. Their eyes were opened to the amount of recycling going into the landfills.

So ATP was born. It started with Bruce and Sarah’s friends keeping all their recycling to one side and it being collected in the boot of Sarah’s old 1991 Mazda sedans boot. 

Soon it grew by word of mouth till the car could not handle the load and extra work and finally broke down.

Bruce and Sarah got a small loan from a family member and Gerty (Their current Bakkie) was purchased.  Soon they realized that such a small bakkie was unable to manage with the bulk loads that needed to be done and Gerty’s handbag (Trailer) was purchased. The rest they say is history.

ATP grew in its client base and Bruce and Sarah were collecting recycling for free for two years. During that time the bakkie broke down repeatedly and has to date had over R60000 (the bulk being donated) spent on it to just keep it going. So the very hard decision was made to charge a small monthly fee to at least try and cover costs of petrol.  A lot of clients did not continue with the service and Bruce and Sarah had to build the business back up again.

They are extremely proud of where they have come from and are very excited about where they are going. This couple alone manages to recycle an average of 3500kg of recycling a month with the help of their planet changers and continue to grow. They have many hopes and dreams of making a bigger impact not only on the environment but in people’s lives and communities. They are a young couple that in spite of what the world throws at them they keep going with a positivity and sense of humour that is hard to come by in today’s age.

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